About us

MIDA Consulting was founded in early 2009. From our very inception we have focused on exacting clients who require perfection and seek a trustworthy partner. We are a flexible company with a client-friendly and individually tailored approach built on project management and providing complex services in the following fields:

  • supporting foreign investors entering the Czech market
  • management of internal projects.
  • receiving financial support from the EU for enterprise development
  • helping young, innovative firms and projects

We have recieved total subsidies for our clients in amount of  51 467 330 EUR.

Our team members have longstanding experience in consulting and project management. We have a commanding grasp of the Czech business environment, and our clients include multinational corporations and small & medium enterprises alike. Our business model emphasizes client understanding and genuine partnerships; only after we truly familiarize ourselves with a client’s needs and requirements do we move forward on proposing the best model for cooperation. We invite you to sample the quality of our services for yourselves.

Our team

Mgr. Michala Pešková


Company owner

„I am proud of my team and our client base! In my position I perceive our clients as long-term partners and it doesn’t matter if they are multinational corporations or small or medium sized companies. Every client needs specific care, and we are characterised by high quality project management. I enjoy the diversity in our projects; our many fields, project types, and positive feedback are my source of energy. I never aimed to build a big firm where the projects do not receive personal approach. We are a small agency, but we are highly qualified and always a good partner to our clients, as is proven by our projects and overall success rate! Do you want to see for yourself? Get in touch with us and we will explore ways to support your project financially.“


Kristýna Černobilová


Project manager

„Accuracy and professionalism are important to me, so I emphasize accountability and efficiency in every area. I like the dynamics, variety and ever-changing demands of my position at MIDA. It keeps me on my toes and inspires me to continue learning. I appreciate that my work contributes to successful projects that share in the development of the Czech economy. I am a happy person and I believe that an optimistic perspective can shine a light that will guide you to your goals.“


Alžběta Jarešová


Project manager

„I am a very engaging and creative person. Cooperating with clients and other experts is a passion of mine. I came to MIDA because I want to be an important part of ambitious projects and to learn new knowledge about many areas. I can use my writing skills, ingenuity, and communication abilities to help your breakthrough ideas come to fruition. One of my personal hobbies is diving…but I will not let your projects sink to the bottom.“


Helena Pechová


Marketing manager

„I maintain and improve our company´s online presence to make it interesting and helpful. It is my pleasure to provide you with the latest and most important news from the subsidy world. I believe that good communication is a necessary aspect of business. Talk to us and we will help your budding ideas and wishes to take root.“


Successful entrepreneurship depends not only on a good business plan, but on a company’s ability to react to change speedily and with an eye toward innovation. We will help you to better orient yourself in today’s ever-shifting marketplace, equipping you to more readily seize the numerous opportunities that exist to subsidize your entrepreneurial growth.

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