Do you use water in your production process? Apply for a subsidy to help you save as much of it as possible.

Would you like to manage water more efficiently in your company? For example, do you have high water consumption in production and want to reduce it or replace your production technology with a “waterless” alternative? Do you produce large quantities of wastewater, and would you like to recycle it? The solution is a subsidy from the Industrial Water Saving Programme.

Businesses of all sizes, including those from Prague, can draw a subsidy of up to CZK 25 million for water reduction measures in production. The subsidy rate is up to 40% of the eligible project costs, which can be supplies of technology and services, construction works, machinery and equipment, utilities, or engineering.

A condition for obtaining a subsidy is the submission of a so-called water audit, which can be financed from the Consultancy Programme.

Water audit

Comprehensive analysis of the water management of the company, which can now be partially funded by the Consultancy Programme. The audit can help you manage water more efficiently and better prepare for the impacts of the recent and increasingly frequent droughts. You will get a proposal for measures that will help you achieve savings in water management.

Water saving subsidies

There is a wide range of areas eligible for support: for example, technological solutions for optimizing consumption, reducing water loss or eliminating water completely in the production process, circulating polluted and used water in subsequent production, filtration technologies, rainwater harvesting, setting up vegetated roofs or retention tanks, etc. Eligible expenditure includes civil works, technology and services.

An example speaks for itself

You can be inspired by a company producing electrical components that has not been deterred by the considerable costs of such measures and could finance the purchase of technology and construction work with the help of a subsidy. Using reverse osmosis, water is reused in the surface treatment process. The water is almost 100% recycled and there is zero discharge. In addition to reducing water costs and being independent from water supplies in times of drought, it has thus strengthened its competitiveness and joined the many companies in our country that think and operate in a circular way. You can read more about their project in the case study on

Did the combination of these two subsidy programmes catch your eye? We will be happy to help you get better oriented and prepare all the documentation. In addition, we can connect you with water circulation experts who can help you design the right solution for your business. Do not hesitate to book a consultation with us.