New circular textile call in the LIFE programme

At the end of last year, a new call under the EU LIFE programme was announced. This programme supports projects in the field of nature, environment and climate protection across the EU.

The call falls under the sub-programme “Circular Economy and Quality of Life” and is aimed at improving the traceability of exported used textiles/textile waste and improving the recycling of textile waste within the EU.

The projects supported by this programme should focus on the export and recycling of textiles. In particular, the goal is to develop technical criteria for the sorting of used textiles and textile waste and to map in detail the ongoing traffic of used textiles and textile waste from the EU. In terms of the recycling itself, the goal is to facilitate the development and consolidation of separate collection and recycling sites and the creation of a coordinated network to ensure cross-border cooperation between textile recycling centres.

The call has an allocation of €1,000,000 and an EU co-financing rate of up to 90%. The deadline for applications is 10 March 2022.