News about the new OP TAC calls!

The specific parameters of the new OP TAC calls for 2022 have been released! All the calls will be announced during the second half of August 2022.


The call originally planned a minimum subsidy of CZK 5 million. The total cost of the project would be up to CZK 10 million. CZK. This setup was particularly problematic for smaller companies, for which the subsidy would be unattainable. However, after increasing pressure from experts, the minimum subsidy amount was finally reduced to CZK 2 million, which opens up opportunities for smaller-scale projects. The maximum amount of support is CZK 125 million. CZK. Projects implementation must be finished within 4 years.

The maximum limit of personnel costs will also be increased to CZK 120 000 per employee/month (compared to CZK 100 000 in OP PIK). Enterprises of all sizes can apply for the subsidy, but large enterprises can only apply in effective cooperation with an SME..


Innovation is another expected call. The call is open to applicants from small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises only in the so-called small mid-caps mode (up to 499 employees). The supported activities will be in the field of product and process innovation. The subsidy ranges from CZK 1-40 million.

Other calls

Innovation vouchers will boost the innovation performance of companies through more effective protection of intellectual property. The supported expenditure includes the services of patent attorneys. SMEs and research organisations can apply. The amount of support ranges from CZK 50 000 to CZK 500 000.

Companies with a shorter period of existence can also apply for the Proof of Concept call to support technology transfer between research organisations and companies – it is only necessary to have 1 closed accounting period. However, more technologically advanced projects are needed. The amount of funding will be from 500 000 CZK to 20 million CZK. The call is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Energy Savings Programme will focus on reducing the energy consumption of business buildings for all sizes of businesses. The call will also support, for example, the installation of PV plants. It is possible to apply for subsidies ranging from 0.5 – 200 million. CZK.

During September 2022, we can also look forward to the Renewable Energy – Wind Power call supporting the construction of wind power plants for all types of businesses. The amount of support ranges from CZK 500 000 to EUR 15 million (approx. CZK 369 million)

Are you also excited about these calls? We would be happy to discuss your projects with you. We recommend that you start preparing your project as soon as possible so that together we can maximise its chances of success. The initial consultation is, as always, free of charge