SIGMA: Support for projects involving social sciences, humanities, and arts

The first public call has been launched under the SIGMA programme, which aims to support humanities, arts and social sciences (HAAS for short) in applied research and innovation activities. It also supports the application of the outputs of these activities in the form of new or substantially improved products, processes, procedures or services.

The programme is divided into several sub-objectives, under which calls will be launched in a consecutive manner. Applications are now being accepted for sub-objective 3, which supports the use of the innovative potential of HAAS and their involvement in projects that are beneficial for sustaining and enhancing the quality of human life in response to dynamic social, economic, globalisation, cultural or technological changes

This first public call is thematically focused and applicants must choose one main theme and one sub-theme, which should be a core part of the project:

Societal resilience

  • Information and data literacy, the social context of the introduction of new technologies
  • Resistance of society to disinformation, mechanisms for increasing citizens’ trust in a democratic society
  • Preconditions and instruments for increasing the resilience of the Czech economy
  • Tools to identify and prevent future societal threats
  • Circular economy – context in society

Education and employment

  • Digital education
  • Opening up IT fields to women
  • New methods of STEM education at all school levels
  • Prerequisites for entrepreneurship – at any age, at any time


  • Innovative solutions according to the Smart Cities Concept
  • Bioeconomy
  • Progressive design
  • Environmental footprint – new communication and awareness tools
  • Environmental and economic sustainability of households, energy poverty
  • Adaptation to climate change in a societal context

This programme can finance mainly researchers’ salary costs, the cost of instruments, apparatus and equipment through depreciation or contract research and other direct and indirect costs. Companies of all sizes and research organisations from all over the Czech Republic, including Prague, can apply for funding. It is possible to receive up to 12 million CZK. The maximum subsidy rate per project is 80%.

Are you planning a project that fits thematically into this programme?