Subsidies for reducing the energy performance of buildings and energy savings in enterprises

Would you like to save money on energy costs in your company? Now you can reduce the energy consumption of your business building or buy more energy-efficient technical systems thanks to a grant from the Energy Savings Programme.

Supported activities

  • Reducing the energy performance of buildings (insulation of the building envelope, replacement and renovation of windows and doors, or other building modifications that reduce the energy performance of the building)
  • Improving the energy efficiency of technical systems (heating, cooling, ventilation systems, humidity treatment, hot water treatment or lighting)
  • Introduction of energy efficiency features and operational optimisation leading to consumption control and implementation of energy management tools

Who can apply for subsidies

Small, medium and large enterprises from all over the Czech Republic outside the capital city of Prague can apply.

How much can you get per project

The amount of total eligible expenditure must be at least CZK 625 000. The maximum amount of eligible costs is CZK 2 billion. The maximum amount of support is EUR 30 million per project and there is no limit to the number of applications for support per applicant.

The rate of aid ranges from 30-80 % of the total eligible expenditure and depends on the size of the company, the type of activity supported and the area in which the company operates (regional aid map).

What expenditure can be supported

  • tangible and intangible fixed assets,
  • engineering,
  • energy assessment,
  • project documentation,
  • expenditure on the organisation of tenders

Don’t wait for energy price reductions and take care of the savings yourself now. Do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a no-obligation consultation of your project.