The MARKETING programme will support your entry into foreign markets

Would you like to expand into foreign markets with your products or services? Now you have a unique opportunity thanks to the Marketing Programme, which is part of the Operational Programme Enterprise and Technology for Competitiveness (OPTAC).

In June, the second call will be announced for the programme, which aims to facilitate access to foreign markets through participation in foreign exhibitions and fairs.

Thanks to the grant, you can obtain funding for a wide range of services and fees related to participation in these events (transport of exhibits, stand and equipment to and from the fair, marketing promotional materials).

Thanks to simplified reporting, where it is not necessary to document eligible expenses with an accounting document and keep separate accounts, it is now much easier to participate in the call.

The project evaluation system is continuous, which means that first come, first served has a better chance. In total, companies will share 250 million euros between them. CZK, which, given the maximum possible subsidy of almost CZK 2.5 million, will be distributed among the companies. CZK, which means that there is nothing to wait for. If you are interested in this type of subsidy, my colleagues and I will be happy to start preparing your application tomorrow.

What you can get a subsidy for

The spectrum of services that can be financed through the grant is really broad and includes for example:

renting, setting up and running a stand (graphic design, drawings, renting exhibition space, stand and necessary equipment, connection to utilities and the internet, assembly, installation of exhibits, dismantling,
mandatory fees, parking fees, tickets, online vouchers, exhibitor passes, mandatory insurance,
transport of exhibits, stand and equipment,
marketing promotional materials for trade fairs and exhibitions (leaflets, brochures, brochures, catalogues, CD/DVD/flashdisk presentations, advertisements in the foreign press in the form of an invitation to the fair).

Amount of subsidy

The amount of the subsidy ranges from CZK 200 thousand to CZK 2.45 million. The maximum rate of subsidy is 50% of the eligible expenditure.

What are the specifics of the grant application?

The application must include a clear and detailed explanation of how participation in foreign trade fairs will support your company’s expansion in international markets, for example how many new contracts you will conclude or how much you will increase your turnover. Thanks to our extensive experience with this programme, we can help you meet this requirement.

Example of a supported project

Retigo, a supplier of catering equipment, participated in 10 international trade fairs in Asia and Europe between 2020 and 2022. The aim of the project was to use trade fairs as an effective marketing tool to promote a new range of products and expand exports to new markets, including the development of production and sales activities.

At trade fairs in Italy, Germany, the UK, the Slovak Republic, China and Singapore, the company focused on the presentation and sales of the new generation of RETIGO VISION kettles.

Thanks to the newly created business contracts, the project increased the company’s export activities and helped it to stay at the top of the most competitive companies in the production of combi-steamers in the catering market. It also helped to build and strengthen the brand image on foreign markets and differentiate it from the competition.

Thanks to the subsidy from the Marketing programme, the company obtained funding for activities related to participation in trade fairs, such as renting exhibition space, mandatory fees, connecting to utility networks, securing a stand and transporting exhibits, etc.

Do you also want to make your products known abroad and are you planning to participate in a foreign fair or exhibition? Let us know and we will take care of the application for you!