We have been your subsidy partner for 13 years!

We are a quality subsidy partner for companies whose projects are focused on research and development, innovation, industry 4.0, sustainable development and environmental friendliness. We also want to motivate companies to engage in circular economy and focus on eco-innovation, which is why we run the website www.cirkularnidotace.cz.

I am very happy that our company can celebrate its 13th anniversary, albeit in these tough times.

We have come a long way at MIDA Consulting in that time, and although our well coordinated team has changed a bit over time, one thing remains the same – we are here for you, our clients. Our excellent project managers Kristýna and Alžběta have been with us for 6 years already!

We have prepared a total of 139 applications for subsidies or financial support for an incredible 24 different programmes. This also says a lot about the fact that we have quality know-how. After all, our long-term success rate is more than 80 %.  For more than 50 satisfied clients, we managed to obtain CZK 1.4 billion in subsidies.

But this doesn’t mean that we are planning to stop anytime soon. The world of grants is very dynamic, conditions change over time and we educate ourselves constantly. So far we have become attuned to the conditions of a total of 8 operational programmes and providers. There are many more to come in the coming years and we look forward to these opportunities to implement interesting and meaningful projects!

Good mood, great concentration, strong nerves and enough energy are a must at our office. We have a sweet tooth, so we estimate that over the 13 years we have eaten over 70 kg of chocolate and drunk 13,500 cups of coffee.

Even though work is a very important aspect of life for us, we don’t forget about our family. We’ve already had 5 babies born here in MIDA :). As you already know, our team of superwomen can balance work and family life and will continue to provide you with professional service and do our job with a 100 % effort.

If you are not yet one of our clients, get in touch with us and we will help you find a suitable subsidy opportunity. We hope that you will help us improve our already excellent numbers and statistics in the coming years, although that is not why we do it. :)