Investment incentives

Investment incentives are a form of national support for entrepreneurial activities. Both Czech and foreign companies may apply for them in support of an investment project in manufacturing, R&D centers, or centers of shared services on the territory of the Czech Republic (outside of Prague).

Forms of support:

  • complete income tax break for newly created corporations, for a duration of up to 10 years
  • partial income tax deduction for expanding corporations, for a duration of up to 10 years
  • transfer of land equipped with infrastructure for a discounted price
  • material support for new job positions (200,000 CZK per newly generated job in regions most afflicted by unemployment)
  • material support for tutoring and retraining (amounting to 25% of costs for tutoring and retraining in regions most afflicted by unemployment)
  • individual support of a ‘strategic investment’ in the form of direct capital for long-term material and non-material property.

Successful entrepreneurship depends not only on a good business plan, but on a company’s ability to react to change speedily and with an eye toward innovation. We will help you to better orient yourself in today’s ever-shifting marketplace, equipping you to more readily seize the numerous opportunities that exist to subsidize your entrepreneurial growth.

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