Subsidies from EU funds

In 2014, a new seven-year period commenced during which the Czech Republic has the opportunity to draw subsidies from EU funds. Our agency has a long-term specialization in this field and provides our clients with complex consulting in the area of subsidies reception from European and national programs. Our focus is not limited to select programs; we cover numerous diverse areas, including the environment, manufacturing, education and technology, science and research, energy savings, and more.

We offer:

  • consultations regarding your project and defining its objectives, free of charge
  • determination of viable subsidy titles, including auditing subsidy opportunities.

We identify all financial aid programs pertinent to your company’s activity and present them in a coherent fashion. In our view, matching the applicant’s factual requirements with viable opportunities is the basis of success; it is therefore absolutely essential for us to know precisely what each client’s requirements are. 

Comprehending the vast number of planned or announced incentives that exist at any given time is a disconcerting task for any corporation, large or small. Utilizing a consulting firm saves time and increases your chances of success. Don’t hesitate – take advantage of our initial consultations free of charge.


We cover the following areas of project execution:

  • compiling project application, including mandatory attachments and following of program-specific criteria
  • securing project sustainability.

Upon receiving a subsidy, the applicant is obligated to satisfy a number of commitments. We advise our clients during the entire project life cycle and prevent any occurrence of breach of conditions which would result in loss of the subsidy or sanctions. We communicate with the provider of the subsidy and other involved authorities, check deadlines, and handle all on-the-go changes in the project.

These services in particular chiefly entail:

  • applications for subsidy payments
  • regular monitoring reports
  • administrative changes in the project
  • mandatory publicity
  • help with interpreting individual programs and subsidy titles.

Successful entrepreneurship depends not only on a good business plan, but on a company’s ability to react to change speedily and with an eye toward innovation. We will help you to better orient yourself in today’s ever-shifting marketplace, equipping you to more readily seize the numerous opportunities that exist to subsidize your entrepreneurial growth.

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