Human resources

Rural development program 2014 - 2020

In this programming period, the program aims to invest into competitiveness of agricultural businesses, to support the entry of young people into agriculture, to set up infrastructure and employ measures in the field of climate. Support will be granted mainly to boost investments in material goods and land modifications and to help the commencement of entrepreneurial activities or cooperation between enterprises.

Operational program research, science and education (OP RSE)

The goal of this program is to contribute to the development of an educated society via investments into developments of human potential with the aim of boosting competitiveness of the Czech Republic. The program is to contribute to securing equal opportunities in education and improving competences on the jobs market and to strengthen capacities for quality research.

Operational program employment 2014 - 2020 (OPE)

This program aims to tackle unemployment by further education and active politics of employment. The program touches the issues of professional education, equal opportunities for men and women, adaptability of employees and employers, social inclusion and tackling poverty. Social innovations pertaining to unemployment are also supported. Both private and public institutions may apply for support.

Operational program enterprise and innovations for competitiveness (OP EIC)

The principal aim of the OP EIC is to support development competitiveness and to help maintain a sustainable economy based on know-how and innovation. Czech corporations should be able to enter world markets and create plenty of job opportunities. The priorities in this programming period include developing economies based on know-how and innovation, supporting a more competitive market with less burden on resources and supporting high employment.

Operational program Prague - growth pole of the Czech Republic (OP PGP)

OP Prague — Growth Pole of the Czech Republic is a successor to the OP Prague — Adaptability (OP PA) and the OP Prague — Competitiveness (OP PC).

The Operational Program aims to support research and development, small and medium-sized enterprises, low-carbon footprint economies, social services and education. It is essential to secure that all forms of resources (land, real estate and infrastructure, energy, finances) are utilized effectively in the spirit of sustainable development.

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