Integrated regional operation program (IROP)

The IROP supports a balanced development of all regions of the Czech Republic (with the exception of the capital City of Prague), it focuses on improvement of public services and public administration. The program aims to secure sustainable development in municipalities, towns and regions.

The program consists of 4 prioroty axes with different focus. Among eligible applicants are mainly subjects in the public sector — regional authorities, municipalities, organization operated by regions and municipalities, public transport operators, churches, schools, charities or non-profit NGOs. In some instances, individuals may also apply for support.

Prioroty axis 1 — Competitive, available and secure regions

Examples of supported activities:

  • Increasing regional mobility by modernnization and development of international networks of road intfrastructure connected to the TEN-T network.
  • Increasing the share of sustainable forms of transportation.
  • Increasing readiness for solving and managing situations of crisis and catastrophe.

Examples of supported activities:

  • Construction and modernization of public transport terminals.
  • Renovation, modernization, possibly construction of roads of second-class ranking.
  • Support for alternative fuel systems in public transport vehicles.
  • Ensuring better equipment for ambulance units.

Priority axis 2 — Better quality public services and better conditions life conditions for inhabitants of regions

Goals of this axis:

  • Improving quality and availability of services leading to social inclusion.
  • Building infrastructure of community centers.
  • Emergence of new and development of existing enterpreneurial activities in the area of social enterpreneurship.
  • Development of infrastructure for providing medical services and healthcare.
  • Increasing quality and availability of infrastructure for educaiotion and life-long learning.
  • Decreasing energetic demands in the housing sector.

Examples of supported activities:

  • Establishing and renovation of existing facilities providing social care.
  • Infrastructure for local, ambulance and low-capacity social services, healthcare and further aid, including housing, for socially excluded poeple or those threatened with poverty or social exclusion.
  • Modernization of intrastructure for providers of highly specialized care by purchasing new machine equipment or conducting urgent construction adjustments.
  • Increasing capacity for preschool and school education.
  • Construction and renovation of and new equipment for classrooms, workshops, laboratories, etc.
  • Thermal insulation of buildings with the aim of driving down energy demand.

Priotity axis 3 — Quality land management and effective administration in public institutions

Goals of this axis:

  • More effective presentation, strengthening of cultural and natural heritage protection.
  • More effective and transparent public administration via development of usage and quality of systems.
  • Support for creating and utilizing documents regarding changes and progress in land administration.

Examples of supported activities:

  • Revitalization of select cultural heritage sites.
  • Public infrastructure for making natural heritage more available and attractive (a recent change to the program shifted focus away from direct stimuli to tourism).
  • Modernization of information and communication systems for specific subjects of public administration and emergency health services.

Priority axis 4 — Community-led local development

Goals of this axis:

  • Strengthening of community-led local development with the aim of increasing quality of life in rural areas and activation of local potential.
  • Strengthening of capacities of community-led local development with the aim of improving management and administrative skills withing local action groups.

Examples of supported activities:

  • Construction and modernization of terminals of public transport.

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