Operational program employment 2014 - 2020 (OPE)

This program aims to tackle unemployment by further education and active politics of employment. The program touches the issues of professional education, equal opportunities for men and women, adaptability of employees and employers, social inclusion and tackling poverty. Social innovations pertaining to unemployment are also supported. Both private and public institutions may apply for support.

Priority axis 1 — Supporting employment and adaptability of the workforce

  • Boosting employment using tools of active politics of employment.
  • Equal opportunities for men and women on the jobs market and harmonization of work and personal life, support for equal pay.
  • Increasing know-how, abilities and competencies of workers and enterprises.
  • Permanent integration of young people onto the jobs market.
  • Modernization of public services for employment and contribution to adaptations according to the requirements of the jobs market.

Examples of supported activities

  • Facilitating employment.
  • Programs for consulting and providing relevant information.
  • Balancing and employment diagnoses.
  • Requalifications.
  • Development of basic competences.
  • Supporting job creation.
  • Supporting flexible forms of employment.
  • Work rehabilitation.
  • Measures tackling discrimination (mostly by gender) on the jobs market. Introduction of age management in enterprises.
  • Support for schooling and professional internships.
  • Support for employment of young workers and support for creating new jobs.

Priority axis 2 — Social integration and tackling poverty

  • Finding viable employment for people threatened by social exclusion or people excluded from the jobs market.
  • Better availability of activities and quality services for people threatened with exclusion or excluded from the jobs market. Social and healthcare services and services for families with children.
  • Support of socially oriented businesses and development strategies aimed at prevention and solution to relevant problems.

Examples of supported activities

  • Support in the field of housing, employment and social and health care.
  • Support for services provided in the form of local emergency intervention.
  • Programs for the prevention of socially pathological phenomena and prevention of criminality, other preventive programs.
  • Support for young people from socially disadvantaged locations entering independent life and the jobs market.
  • Transformation and deinstitutionalization of social and healthcare services which involve accommodation.
  • Activities ot support health and healthy lifestyle.

Priority axis 3 — Social innovation and international cooperation

  • Social innovation and international cooperation pertaining to access to employmeny for applicant and inactive persons.
  • Increasing efficientcy of state authorities.
  • Mobility and active integration of the workforce.

Examples of supported activities

  • Support of capacities for development and innovation.
  • Creation and development of capacities regarding supply and demand as they pertain to innovations.

Priority axis 4 — Effective public administration

  • Decreasing administrative and regulatory burdens on the state, regional and local levels by reform, legal adjustments and proper management.
  • More effective management of human resources.

Examples of supported activities

  • Improvement of communication and trust between public administration and citizens.
  • Ensuring high levels of professionality, depoliticization, transparency of staff, management, checking and decision processes within the public administration.
  • Ensuring development of modern methods of managing human resources.

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