Operational program research, science and education (OP RSE)

The goal of this program is to contribute to the development of an educated society via investments into developments of human potential with the aim of boosting competitiveness of the Czech Republic. The program is to contribute to securing equal opportunities in education and improving competences on the jobs market and to strengthen capacities for quality research.

Viable applicants are mainly subjects conducting research, state and local authorities, universities and other subjects which are involved in educational actitivities. First bids will be announced in January to February 2015. We are monitoring the situation for you.

Priority axis 1 — Strengthening capacities for quality research

  • Improving the level of Czech research in terms of international standards and promoting cooperation in research.
  • Increasing quality of research infrastructure for educational purposes.
  • Increasing the benefits of research for society.
  • Strengthening cooperation of state and regional politics and sustaining a long-term competitive advantage based on know-how.

 Examples of supported activities

  • Increasing the quality of research teams reaching a critical size for execution of research on a top-class European or world level.
  • Strengthening of infrastructure for education connected with research.
  • Involvement of research teams in international research projects in the fields of national and European priorities.
  • Creating capacities for and execution of research projects in pre-application (pre-marketing) phase.

 Priority axis 2 — Development of universities and human resources for research and development

  • Increasing the quality and openness of education at universities, especially in instances of socially disadvantaged communities and reaction of fields of education to requirements on the jobs market.
  • Support for education related to research.
  • Modernization of educational activities and teaching in compliance with modern trends.
  • Support for strategic management at universities.
  • Improvement of conditions for life-long education.
  • Creation of transparent system for assessing quality.

 Examples of supported activities

  • Improving quality of educative and consulting activites.
  • Teaching in compliance with the most modern trends and strengthening the connection to practical activity.
  • Revision and adaptation of study environment.
  • Creating capacities for securing high standards at universities.

 Priority axis 3 — Equal approach to quality preschool, primary and secondary education

  • Promoting equal opportunities and increasing of individuals’ potential for developing key lifelong competences (communication in mother tongue and foreign language, mathematical aptitude, social and civic abilities).
  • Education for social integration of students with specific special requirements.
  • Achieving an easier process of transition from preschool to elementary school.
  • Improving the schooling of beginning educators.

Examples of supported activities

  • Increasing the share of educational institutions with higher quality of preschool education.
  • Establishing and promoting methods and tools for individual support of educators.
  • Increasing competences of future educators.

Increasing children’s and students’ interest in studying technical sciences and life sciences and motivating them to apply these experiences on the jobs market.

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