Announcement of the last call in the application program with a record allocation of CZK 3.7 billion.

31. 08. 2020

Opportunity for companies to obtain a subsidy for research and development projects with an emphasis on the civil transport aviation sector.

Innovate your production

27. 08. 2020

Can we get support to our production? Only if it is highly innovative. Very often we tell this to our prospective clients.

The last call in the Applications program with a record allocation of CZK 3.7 billion

15. 08. 2020

This Autumn there is a unique chance to apply for a subsidy to finance R&D projects. Why unique? Because the financial allocation is enormous (CZK 3,7 billion) and therefore more projects can be supported. This creates higher chances to succeed.

Subsidies for the aviation industry

30. 07. 2020

You have a unique chance to get a subsidy to support research and development in your company.

The Innovation Vouchers - Prague Call has already been announced

24. 07. 2020

The capital city of Prague will distribute up to CZK 480 million among small and medium sized enterprises through Innovation Vouchers.

Projects with a social impact will once again be able to obtain financial support!

20. 07. 2020

It will soon be possible to apply again for support for your socially beneficial projects.

Support of food self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic as an objective of rural development

13. 07. 2020

The main objective of the current round of the Rural Development Program is food self-sufficiency. It is now possible to draw subsidies for the establishment of an e-shop, website, and the purchase of cars for food delivery.

Subsidies for security solutions

07. 05. 2020

The security research program supports solutions that facilitate the fight against COVID-19, and the reception of applications has already begun.

R&D support is still up to date!

29. 04. 2020

What programs can you apply for?

Temporary framework of the European Commission for state aid in the context of COVID-19

25. 03. 2020

The European Commission has set out the conditions under which it will be ready, by its decision, to rapidly approve state aid schemes at the request of a Member State, as well as any individual state aid granted by the end of 2020.

We are here for you!

19. 03. 2020

We would like to express our support and belonging with you in the current difficult situation.

Merry Christmas! We have a gift for you!

15. 12. 2019

At our company MIDA Consulting, we are not afraid of new challenges, so we take our business to an even higher level and approach it meaningfully and sustainably. Newly, we want to motivate companies to participate in the circular economy. We are therefore launching a new website, where we will gradually show you how your company can also get involved in the circular economy, and moreover with the help of a subsidy.

Would you like to receive a subsidy, but is the burden of the administration of tenders discouraging you?

22. 10. 2019

There are positive changes for the OP EIC! The limits for tenders have been increased.

Presenting one of our successful projects in the Innovation program

15. 10. 2019

Get inspired. We will be happy to help you with the preparation of the project.

Digitalization of Czech companies: A simple way to interesting subsidies

10. 10. 2019

The transition to digitalization and automation in the sense of Industry 4.0 is no longer science fiction even for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Amendment to the Act on Investment Incentives - what will change?

01. 10. 2019

At the beginning of September, an amendment to the Act on Investment Incentives came into effect, creating a completely new basic framework for providing investment incentives.

What to expect after summer holidays?

12. 09. 2019

Here is the overview of subsidies in the second half of 2019.

Subsidy programs for Tourism

17. 07. 2019

Summer is here and it is bringing along new subsidy opportunities in the field of tourism. Find out how you can support your own business.


01. 07. 2019

Don’t miss your unique chance and get a subsidy for digital transformation and automatization of your business.

Get public funding for your environmental R&D and innovation projects!

10. 06. 2019

Exploit the opportunity of the Environment for Life program, whose first public tender was announced in June.

Program TREND: New opportunity to support research and development!

12. 03. 2019

We look forward to the first public tender of this program in May 2019.

Even after year 2020 EU funds will be supporting our economy.

06. 02. 2019

The government has approved 8 operational programs.

Get smart warehouse systems making your production more efficient.

14. 01. 2019

Make your production more efficient by purchasing a smart warehouse system with subsidy support.

Upgrade digitization and automation in your firm to another level.

07. 01. 2019

Program “Technology” is a subsidy opportunity for small and medium enterprises, through which they can modernize their manufacturing technologies and processes.


26. 09. 2018

program supporting investment into electric vehicles and charging stations for private use will be opened this autumn! Companies should start preparing necessary documentation.

Data centers – new call for applications opened!

03. 09. 2018

Apply for public funding for setting a new data center or modernizing an existing one, we would be happy to help you.


The EU budget after 2020

15. 08. 2018

Financing from EU funds for the Czech Republic will be reduced in the new programming period after 2020. New goals, modern and simpler rules – these are the main changes we should be expecting.

New International cooperation programs!

21. 05. 2018

The technology Agency of the Czech Republic is willing to boost cooperation of R&D teams on an international level and 2 programs should help to support such cooperation.

Potential – another call announced

12. 09. 2017

Are you thinking of setting up or extending your research and development center? Would you like to design and implement your own innovative research and development solutions? Then the ‘IV. Call for Potential' program is for you. This program will help your company earn resources for investment into assets such as land, buildings, machines, and other key equipment.

Warranty program – advantageous bank loans

14. 06. 2017

Within the II. Call of Warranty program it is still possible to submit applications and earn a chance to win support for your business activities. This call is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, who–if they are supported–will be provided with advantageous warranties on bank loans. The support focuses on economic activities such as manufacturing, accommodations, and wholesale, retail and ICT activities. Several cooperating banks are involved in the implementation of the program.

Successful entrepreneurship depends not only on a good business plan, but on a company’s ability to react to change speedily and with an eye toward innovation. We will help you to better orient yourself in today’s ever-shifting marketplace, equipping you to more readily seize the numerous opportunities that exist to subsidize your entrepreneurial growth.

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